Meet MoaTours Kiwi Guide Dianne, we caught up with Dianne out at St Heliers in Auckland for a chat on the beach. Find out where she's from and what her favourite spots in the North & South Islands are.

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Meet your Kiwi Guide - Dianne

Here's our video chat with Kiwi Guide Dianne.


Video Transcript

Andrew: We’re talking to Dianne, who’s joining the MoaTours guiding team this year. Hi Dianne.

Dianne: Hi

Andrew: Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from?

Dianne: I’m from Waihi on the Coromandel. I grew up on a farm there, I had a brother and sister and my ancestors came to New Zealand from Ireland on a ship called The Statesman in the 1860s to work in the gold mine and drive the trains. 

Andrew: So you’re family has been in that area from year dot.

Dianne: Yes. 

Andrew: And what’s your favourite spot around that part of the country?

Dianne: Hot Water Beach, further up on the Coromandel. It’s absolutely beautiful, one of the few places in the world you can dig a hole in the sand either side of low tide and sit in hot thermal water. Beautiful natural hot springs.

Andrew: What’s another spot you love on the Coromandel, you must have been all over the Coromandel if you grew up in Waihi.

Dianne: I have, I like Waihi Beach very much.

Andrew: What about the Mainland? You’ve been guiding for quite a few years around the whole country now haven’t you?

Dianne: I have, I’ve been guiding for around 6 years now. My favourite spot on the Mainland, in the South Island, is Doubtful Sound. It’s absolutely beautiful, we get to enjoy “Patea” the sound of silence. The wildlife is absolutely beautiful, it’s pristine and clean, you get to go out on Lake Manapouri and see one of the largest dams in New Zealand, the amazing hydro electric power scheme.

Andrew: Yes, it’s very impressive big country down there, isn’t it. If you had to drop someone anywhere in New Zealand that you think would make them go WOW, where would you choose?

Dianne: I would take them up through the Waitaki Valley to Mt Cook, then on to Tekapo, Lake Tekapo. It’s amazing there and at night time you can go up to Mt John, to the observatory and look through the telescope there in one of the most amazing places in the world at an International Dark Sky Reserve. 

Andrew: Thanks Dianne, we’re really looking forward to seeing you and getting out on the road on the road with you this summer.

Dianne: Likewise, I can’t wait.

Andrew: Thank you.

Dianne: Thank you.

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